ARMCO 5 Way Extension Socket, 2 x USB, Power Protection



  • Model: AEE-5WAYB-USB2B
  • Surge Protection
  • 1.5M Cord
  • 5 Power Outlets
  • Twin USB ports
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Armco AEE-5WAYB-USB2B 5 Way Extension Socket with surge protection provides premium power protection for small home appliances, and other connected devices. This surge protector is stylishly designed; slim, sleek case blends seamlessly with today’s modern electronics and appliances while saving valuable space.

Efficient and Reliable

Built with advanced design elements, quality construction, superior circuitry, and components to provide the most complete protection from power surges, spikes, and AC contamination available. This 5 Way Extension Socket model protects everyday household electronics. Its slim, sleek design blends seamlessly with today’s modern electronics and appliances.


With these extensions, you can run multiple devices of some voltage as defined by the specification of the extension as well as the device, run smoothly. It won’t cause an effect on the other device or the flow of current. The current will flow smoothly and evenly by each of the plug-in holes. the extension socket comes with a twin set of USB charging port as an alternate way of charging.


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