Camtree gripper G-91


  • Lightweight suction cups.
  • Provided Elastic wire for better stability.
  • Dust cover for suction cup’s protection.
  • Weather-proof construction materials. Great for outdoor use.
  • Camera weight-bearing capacity is up to 5kg.


Product Description

Product Overview

  • Travel Friendly Packaging : Inside one travel bag there are two foam cases, one for rods, elastic wires & platform and the other for Gripper cups, joint clamps & other accessories.
  • Dust cover : It is added to protect the suction cup from getting dirty so that the suction cup will stick better to the platform.
  • Elastic Wires : These are added for better stability of the gripper while operating on unlevelled ground.
  • Rods : We provide 7pc of S.S Extension rods in different length with 1/4 screw threads in this G-91 Car mount so that the user can setup this mount at desired direction or angles.
  • Universal 360 joint clamp : We provide 6pc of Universal Joint clamps. These are made up of ABS plastic.


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