Camtree Shoulder rig C-it -201 with follow focus


  • HI STRENGTH SHOULDER RIG delivers balanced shots with immense comfort.
  • 9’’ ROCK SOLID CAMERA CAGE supports comfortable handheld shooting.
  • Its OFFSET DESIGN allows bringing the camera to the eye level.
  • ERGONOMIC SHOULDER SUPPORT PAD moves to and fro & delivers comfort for hours of operation.
  • DURABLE FOLLOW FOCUS delivers Precise Focus Pulls.
  • HIGH GRADE MATTE BOX adds CINEMATIC EFFECTS in your shots & fits multiple lens sizes.


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Product Description

Product Overview

It’s rightly said; a support system specially designed while keeping the camera in mind can increase the functionality of that camera like no other. Our Camtree Hunt Camera cage Shoulder Rig Kit for Red Scarlet /Epic (CH-RSE-SRK) proves this very well. Not only it protects the camera from the rigors of production. But also converts it into a full fledge production tool. This Robust rig enables easy & comfortable handheld operation and allows attaching various accessories for more possibilities on the professional front. This Performance package includes a high-grade matte box for cinematic effects, durable follow focus for accurate focus pulls & EVF mount for connecting View Finder or LCD.

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