Camtree spider leg car gripper


  • CAPTURE UNCONVENTIONAL SHOTS with Safety, Style & Precision.
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE SUCTION CUPS provides Secure & Stable Grip.
  • BALL TILT HEAD to mount the set up at any angle.
  • RATCHET WIRES & HOOKS for Extra Security.
  • COMES PACKED in a foam padded bag.
  • ROPE for extra grip and security.


  • NB: For up-to-date prices call the shop on +254 702 750 750 before placing an order.

Product Description

Product Overview

There were times when it was quite difficult for the director to capture the shot at unlikely places such as in tight interiors of a car or an elevator, exterior of moving vehicle or even the outside of an airplane. To capture such shots, the director was confined to a studio interior. Capturing these shots has become easy with G-51 gripper. It lets you add tremendous impact to your shots, increasing the production value while giving you an incomparable freedom to shoot with safety, style and precision.

What’s in the box

3 x Gripper Suction Cups + Complimentary Dust Covers
– Camera Mount Hub
– 6 x 6” Extension Rods
– 3 x 3’’ Extension Rods
– 6 x Ball Tilt Heads
– 2 x Safety Wires
– 3 x Shanks for Gripper Cups
– 2 x Round Hooks
– 2 x C-hooks

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