Cyrder Japanese Tempura Deep Frying pot

  • The Material – It is made of stainless steel, which is better for Frying Cooking. And there is a nonstick coating inside of the pot, so you do not need to worry about sticking or rusting.
  • Temperature Controlling – One of the most important features between Cyrder Deep Fryer Pot and Others is the Fahrenheit Thermometer. You can control the oil temperature easily when you are frying. Controlling Oil Temperature is the key to perfect deep frying.
  •  making Delicious&Healthy People love Frying food, such as Tempura, fried fish&chips, fried chicken, etc. In the meanwhile, people also worry about calorie-dense、the quality of oil、greasy and etc. For these reasons,
  • Perfect size for family or outdoor use.
  • Suitable for any stove tops like gas, electric, glass, or even grill.
  • easy to clean
  •  beautiful design


  • NB: For up-to-date prices call the shop on +254 702 750 750 before placing an order.

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Product Description

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