KINGJOY KT-600S Flexible Mini Tripod action camera adpter-Gray


  • Model – kt600s
  • color-Grey
  • section- 1
  • material – plastic


Lipa Later

Product Description

Product Overview

1.STABLE PLACEMENT ANYWHERE: Our mobile tripod’s superior flexibility allows you to set it up on any surface, flat or not. You can use the bendable legs to wrap it around a flag pole or a tree.
2.BOOST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY RESULTS: Use it as convenient selfie stick. Phone tripod with the Bluetooth remote shutter will help you take the most breathtaking photos and videos that everyone will admire.
3.WIDE COMPATIBILITY: You can attach any smartphone as well as digital camera with no trouble. It is compatible with any bracket, holder or mount with a universal standard ?”– 20 thread hole. Supporting GoPro head 360° photography and video.
4.LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Weighing very little and with compact size, it’s no trouble to pack the small, flexible and light camera tripod for your vacation or short trip.
5.CAMERA SAFETY, DURABLE MATERIAL: You never have to fear for your camera’s safety when it’s attached our portable tripod. Its double security system ensures your device will be protected.

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