Mika 2 in 1 Vacuum Marinator, Purple & Black


  • Model number: MMTR21


Lipa Later

Product Description

Product Overview

  • 2 In 1 Vacuum Marinator
  • Say goodbye to overnight marination
  • The marination was never this easy
  • This is a simple, modernized, effective marination method.
  • The action of vacuuming causes the food to expand and become more porous, allowing the marinade to penetrate deeper and faster than conventional soaking
  • The gentle tumbling action of the drum tenderizes the food as its marinating and allows the juices to penetrate
  • Your end result is a Juicy, Tender & Flavourful bite!
  • Digital display & feather touch operation
  • 2 extra vacuum jars provided free.
  • Purple & Black

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