Vision Plus VP2120SB Sound Pro 160W RMS

1,Audio Output: 2.1CH Dolby Digital Plus technology soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
2,AUX input
3,Optical input
4,HDMI(ARC) input
5,Wireless Bluetooth connection
6,LED display
7,Plastic case,Digital Amplifier with DSP inside
8,Remote controller


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Product Description

Sleek New Design
Beautiful eye-catching sleek design that blends in with your home décor.
Built with technology that produces incredible sound.

DSP technology
Digital signal processing (DSP) technology produces high level of output
accuracy ensuring reduced noise and distortion. Turn up the volume and
still hear everything clearly.

Dolby digital plus Surround Sound
A product of the internet age. Dolby digital plus is based on the AC-3 lossy
bit stream format. Provides a more realistic audio experience and has more
advanced surround sound. A true surround sound feature adds depth and
spaciousness to your listening experience. Bringing the cinema to you.

Feel Every Beat
Feel all the power packed 160W within your bones with truly balanced sound.

4 Pre-set EQ, Music, Movie, 3D and News
Comes with 4 pre-set equalizer modes: Music, Movie, 3D and News. Select
the mode that fits what you are listening to or watching.

Easy to Use
Via the in-unit buttons or included high-sensitivity full-function IR remote,
you can change sound input modes and the treble and bass settings at the
click of a button.
Bass and Treble Control

Bass and Treble Controls
Gives you total control and you can listen to music the way you like it. Add
more bass or take the high frequencies even higher. The power to fine tune
the output is now in your hands

Optimized connectivity
Reduce wires in your home with wireless subwoofer that connects via
Bluetooth technology. Connect more devices with HDMI ARC, AUX, USB,
Optical inputs and Bluetooth 5.0.

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