Haier HTF-456DM6 Four Door Fridge Freezer

  • 516L
  • 4 door fridge
  • no frost
  • led lighting


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Product Description

Cube 83 Series 5
  • F Class
  • Total No Frost technology
  • Humidity Zone
  • Dry Zone
  • Touch display
Cube 83 Series 5
Cube 83 Series 5
At at 83cm wide, the refrigerators in the Cube 83 four-door range boast an appealing modern design that enhances the beauty of any kitchen design, while the interior compartments are able to adapt to meet your particular cooling storage requirements. The vertical fridge and freezer doors ensure better visibility of the food stored inside. That means you’ll spend less time finding items, which reduces temperature fluctuations and energy consumption, as well as preserving the quality of your food for longer. Haier’s Cube 83 Series 5 refrigerators guarantee the perfect preservation of your food thanks to specialised zones able to manage temperature and/or humidity as well as other cooling solutions.
F Class
Choosing Haier’s F Class Refrigerators means saving energy, improving performance efficiency and respecting the environment. -20% consumption compared to the G Class.
Quietly efficient for quicker cooling
The superior engineering that has gone into developing Haier’s inverter refrigerator compressors means that vibrations are significantly reduced during their operation, so they’re less noisy, while still delivering outstanding energy efficiency and super-fast cooling.
Innovative technology for effortless maintenance
Haier’s highly innovative Total No Frost technology cleverly prevents the formation of frost in your fridge-freezer. A special ‘Fresher Shield’ prevents warm air from entering your freezer during the continuous automatic defrosting process, protecting your frozen foods and preventing unnecessary energy loss. Now you’ll never have to defrost your freezer again. Maintaining your fridge-freezer has never been so easy!
Preserve fresh food 2 times longer
Haier’s Humidity Zone drawer keeps your fruit and vegetables fresh two times longer*. It’s able to do this thanks to HCS (Humidity Control System) Technology, a plant fiber membrane that keeps moisture levels at 90% within the compartment. The precisely maintained humidity levels prevents any condensed water from forming inside the drawer, their nutritional content of your grocieries for longer.
*as certified by VDE N° ID.40046454
Preserve humidity sensitive food
The Dry Zone is the perfect place to store dairy, aged cheeses, cured meats and items that are particularly sensitive to humidity such as fresh pasta and ravioli. Using an air duct, the humidity levels within the compartment is kept at 45% – the optimum level for storing foods of this type.
Stay in total control thanks to the digital display
A stylish and easy-to-use digital touch screen allows you to control the conditions inside your refrigerator without opening the door. Thanks to this useful feature, you can set the temperature of the fridge and freezer independently with a simple touch.
See things more clearly, with LED interior lighting
Bright LED lighting makes viewing the contents of both your refrigerator and freezer easier compared to regular interior fridge lights. And while the stunning LEDs in Haier’s refrigerators consume less energy than conventional lighting, they’re also built to be far more durable.

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