Midea D100-15FB Cylinder Series Electric Water Heater, 100L

1.CE certificate
2. Thermometer
3. Enamel coated tank
4. Enamel coated heating element
5. Longer lifetime magnesium rod


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Product Description


The Midea Cylinder Series Electric Water Heater are CE Certified, have Eco Mode to ensure maximum power savings. Have a 3 Power Setting. Enamel Coated tank to ensure maximum insulation preventing heat loss through conduction. Enamel Coated Heating element this reduces corrosion to the element thus making suitable for areas with salty water. ELCB Protection to prevent earth leakage.  Waterproof the units has an Ingress Protection Rating of 44. Dry heating protection the unit has a pressure switch to prevent dry heating. Over pressure protection.

They are available in 50 litres, 80 litres and 100 litres.

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