Mika Wine Chiller 43 Bottles MWC43

  • Bottle loading:    43 bottles
  • Elegant, tough & water resistant oak shelves
  • Intelligent touch temperature control panel
  • Illuminating temperature display for better viewing
  • Temperature range:       6º-18º
  • Anti UV double coated tempered glass door
  • Elegant looking aluminum alloy recessed handle
  • Wide angle door opening
  • Flexible, adjustable foot design for uneven surfaces
  • Product dimension: 605x595x850mm


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Product Description

Looking for an elegant yet efficient and effective way to chill your wine? Look no further than the Mika Wine Chiller 43 Bottles MWC4300. With this wine chiller, you can now store and chill 43 bottles of your favorite wines at the optimal temperature!

Made from high quality materials, the Mika Wine Chiller 43 Bottles MWC4300 is designed to keep your wines in pristine condition. Its stainless steel door construction and sleek black finish adds a stylish and modern touch to any room. The internal light can be operated for aesthetics, or to easily select the perfect wine for you. The sliding wooden shelves are adjustable to accommodate different bottle sizes, ensuring that your wines are stored the way you want. From reds to whites, rosés, and champagne, the Mika Wine Chiller 43 Bottles MWC4300 can hold them all in optimal temperature for serving.

The advanced cooling system used by the MWC4300 allows you to control the temperature of your wines with just the touch of a button. The temperature settings can range from 41°F to 63°F, giving you the best results and perfect tasting experience. Additionally, the vibration reduction technology minimizes the disturbance to the sediment and particles in the bottle, giving your wines the best level of preservation.

No matter the occasion, the MWC4300 is sure to meet all your needs. With its elegant design and advanced technology, you can surely make every bottle count. Get your Mika Wine Chiller 43 Bottles MWC4300 now and enjoy the best tasting wines for years to come!

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