NutriBullet NBR-1212R Red 12 Piece Set


  • Brand: Magic Bullet
  • Equipment Type: Full-Size Food Processors
  • Colour: Red
  • Product code: NBR-1212R
  • Power (Watts): 600
  • Capacity (litres): 0.6


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Product Description

Product Overview

The red coloured MB ASTV1717 NutriBullet 12. Piece Set offers sheer versatility that draws a broad group of people towards it. It’s a great blender that provides the best in terms of power and blending abilities. It is good at grinding a wide variety of ingredients, even those which are particularly tough and pose a challenge for other many blenders. You can slice, dice, mix seeds, thick stems, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. as this blender comes with an extractor and flat blade that are made of stainless steel and don’t require sharpening. These accessories are easy to wash and store. Detoxify your body and lose weight by following a healthy diet with the help of this high-speed NutriBullet blender.

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