Proaim wave plus 12ft jib kit


  • Tool less Jib, Gets assembled by one person in just 5minutes
  • Extremely portable fits in one rolling case
  • Length of Video Crane-12ft max.
  • Camera Mount Bowl that accepts 100mm
  • Jib uses standard barbell weights for counterbalance (not included)
  • Tie down foot made of flexible elastic with tightening knobs
  • Heavy duty knob for tightening the telescopic extension.


Product Description

Product Overview

PROAIM 12′ Wave Plus Kit ( Telescopic Jib Arm with 100mm Tripod Stand, D-77 Dolly, and Senior Pan Tilt Heads is a complete production package for those who do not believe in compromise. It is a telescopic jib designed to extend your reach and to explore every unexplored angle. Our tool less, hi grade aluminum construction enables fast set-up & makes it easy for one man to operate. It weighs only 31kg, and enables fluid movements for cameras up to 25kg/55lbs .There’s lot more that goes into this production package, a rugged dolly with a durable pan tilt to enhance your shooting capabilities. Not only give slow or high level effect its unique automatic & manual tilting system gets you more off your camera crane, your imagination it’s the limit.

What’s in the box

  • PROAIM 12′ Wave Plus Telescopic Jib Arm (P-WV-PL)
  • 100mm Tripod Stand (TP-100)
  • D-77 Dolly (D-77)
  • Senior Pan Tilt Head (PT-SR)
  • MA-5 mounting Arm(MA-5)

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