Samsung 75QN90CAU 75″ Neo QLED 4K Smart TV

  • See just how brilliant every detail becomes on a screen that’s packed with over 8 million pixels with Quantum Matrix with Mini LEDs.
  • See sensational contrast, stellar brightness and vivid color—just as the director intended with Neo Quantum HDR+.
  • Utilizing 20 specialized networks the Neural Quantum Processor drives expertly upscaled 4K resolution.
  • Pick a seat, any seat. There isn’t a bad one in the house thanks to Anti-Glare with Ultra Viewing Angle technology.


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Product Description

The Samsung 75QN90CAU 75″ Neo QLED 4K Smart TV is a top-of-the-line television that offers an immersive viewing experience. With its 75-inch display, you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in stunning detail. The Neo QLED technology provides a brighter and more vivid picture quality than traditional LED TVs. The TV also features a 120Hz refresh rate that ensures smooth motion and reduces motion blur during fast-paced action scenes.

The Samsung 75QN90CAU 75″ Neo QLED 4K Smart TV is equipped with a solar-powered remote control that is both eco-friendly and convenient. The remote control can be charged using indoor or outdoor light, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries.

This TV also has anti-glare technology that reduces reflections and enhances contrast, making it easier to watch in bright rooms. It also has a well-designed user interface that makes it easy to navigate through the various features and settings.

In summary, the Samsung 75QN90CAU 75″ Neo QLED 4K Smart TV is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality television with advanced features. Its large display, Neo QLED technology, and solar-powered remote control make it stand out from other TVs on the market.


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