Vitron V527 2.1CH


  • Remote Control
  • Aux/Digital FM ready
  • USB Support
  • Built-in Powerful Amplifier
  • Sd card
  • Bluetooth Enabled


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Product Description

Product Overview

V527 2.1CH Multimedia Speaker System – Black with FM Radio, Built-in amplifier,  SD Card Slot and USB device playback. Vitron V527 is a brand from Vitron with High tech media. It brings your living room to life with this stylish sub-woofer from Vitron This sound system is designed for the extreme entertainment lovers to enjoy their amazing music and movies with sound clarity never heard before.

  • This bluetooth speaker comes with a Remote Control
  • it is Aux/Digital FM ready
  • it has USB Support
  • Can hold an Sd card
  • it has a Built in Powerful Amplifier
  • It is Bluetooth Enabled


  • Vitron Subwoofer System-
  • 2 Speakers
  • Remote Control –
  • Manual

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